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Saturday, November 28

Fashiona's Black Friday experience

Fashiona has shopped Black Friday (named for the period of the time that retailers start showing a profit) for years...but this year marked her first year working the busiest shopping day of the year.  When she reached the  boutique, she was a bit nervous but within a few minutes she was caught up in the festive spirit of the season.  Of course it helped that she dressed in red and cream and accessorized her outfit with gold jewelry.

Fashiona is most happy to report that the shoppers seemed very excited to get their shopping started  and liked the merchandise...yay!! Happy customers mean more job security for Fashiona.

Best story of the day...a lady came in at her husband's urging.  Among other items, this lady  really wanted black  pants.  Fashiona was able to supply the perfect pair for her. Her husband commented on each and everything she tried on and actually went to get additional sizes and styles for her.  They were there for almost 2 hours and she left happy... with the husband toting the bags of clothes.  He was patient and supportive of her shopping efforts and didn't  whine once about being hungry or wanting to go home or watch the game and thus  he wins Fashiona's Model Husband award.

Let's see if Fashiona is as cheery tomorrow morning when she helps open  the store....ummm before 8 am!!

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