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Friday, November 6

Fashiona on Lady Gaga

Photo Credit:Steve Eichner/WWD.com

Lady Gaga, like Madonna, created her brand the old-fashioned way through hard work and constant self promotion.  Born  Stefani Germanotta, she constantly reinvents herself and thrives on being eccentric.  Even Madonna who isn't one to dish out compliments says that Lady Gaga reminds her of a early verison of herself (pre yoga, children and reigning Queen of Cougardom.)

Lady Gaga  could certainly  futher cash in on her celebrity by creating a clothing line but she has gone on the record by saying:

The House of Gaga is not an economy.

Fashiona loves her quote as a sound bite but does think that Lady Gaga will soon change her mind  especially since she just accepted the Style Maker Award from the Accessories Council of Excellence. 

Now Fashiona DOES hope that "House of Lindsay Lohan" is short lived... 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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