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Sunday, November 29

Social Sunday: The White House crashers

Fashiona is a daring soul and unapologetically opportunistic but crash the White House for any event let alone a major one like an official State Dinner...she frankly has too much respect for the Obamas and herself.

Photo Credit: AP   Michaele (L) and Tareq Salahi

At first glance, this story seemed innocent enough.  The couple dressed up, she in a beautiful red sari, and crashed the best party in  the DC Metro area.  The Mrs. is an aspiring reality star...sound familiar....Balloon boy's  parents were on a similar quest. We all know how that ended...certainly not in a TV series.  

Fashiona has two main thoughts on the matter.  Her first is the motive...aspiring reality star.  Isn't that an oxymoron?  Isn't the whole premise of  "Reality TV"...uhh reality?  To invent reality is to create fiction...certainly a notable genre but fiction is fictional none the less.  Fiction, unlike real life, can be more dramatic, or more tragic or more perfect  and wrapped up in  a 2 hour movie or a novel. This is one of the reasons that Alicia writes as "Fashiona"...it allows her to  embellish or delete details at will for greater dramatic value.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Fashiona does understand the curiosity aspect, she kept up her " All things Obama watch" by following the night's action on Twitter and the Huffington Post. Who wouldn't want to meet the Obamas at such a swanky affair; even staunt Republicans whose politics  vastly differ from theirs, do like them as people.  Aside from the obvious security risk, there is the notion of privacy.  The State Dinner was still a private affair with Desirée Rogers, the fashionable White House Social Secretary carefully screening and reviewing the invitations with the final sanction by the President and his lovely wife. 

Point number two... now the deed is done and the Salahis are reportedly shopping around their interview.  Seriously...they want money now...for breaking all sorts of laws, bragging about it on Facebook of all places and getting caught?  

There isn't any story left and certainly not anything worth  paying a dollar for...this is it...the end...right?

*UPDATE December 1*

Apparently no such luck...and their 15 minutes of fame resets.

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