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Sunday, April 18

Social Sunday: Fashiona explains Mistress vs...

A word that is being tossed around without regard to its real meaning and is sending Fashiona into a tizzy is ...Mistress.  For some reason (in the media)...the term mistress has been used to "politely" describe affairs or in some of Tiger Woods' shenanigans...liaisons.

Tiger (L) and Alleged Mistress of 3 years Joslyn James (R)

For the record... a mistress is a woman who is knowingly sexually involved with a married man for some type of monetary, political or social gain. 

A kept woman is another term for this ummm type of arrangement.

Examples of such:

  • Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar
  • Cleopatra and Marc Anthony
  • Eva Duarte (Eva Perón) and Juan Perón whom she married a year later after
  • Anna Nicole Smith and one foot in the grave Howard Marshall II whom she later married
According to Fashiona:

...women that are unknowingly involved with married men are not asking enough damn questions.

Women that are chasing married men for notoriety, designer bags, shoes...appearances on bootleg reality shows are order of politeness:
  • High class Escorts
  • Sporting women
  • Fancy women
  • Ladies of the evening
  • Call Girls
  • Prostitutes
  • or Gold-digging wh***s.

Any questions...

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