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Thursday, April 22

Tipster Thursday: Uncovering your best brow shape

Last week's Fashiona top mission was doing her taxes...completed April 14 mid afternoon. That is one whole day before the deadline...she will have you know.

THIS week she was on the hunt for  her "perfect"  brow shape and a great red lipstick.  Brows perfectly groomed as of yesterday and red lipstick found just this afternoon. Truth be told Fashiona is more of a lip gloss wearer but she does  like a bolder lip color especially at night.

Photo Credit:Sal Photography
Alicia "aka" Fashiona in her new red lipstick at the 2010 Macks Miracle's All-Star Weekend kick-off event: Sky Grey Luxury Lounge.

Brows first...Fashiona showed you how to get Janelle Monae's full brow but that IS an unique look and not for everybody.  Many women prefer a more shapely brow. Fashiona happens to like the look of a classic arched brow but LOOKS better in a  rounder shape.  

Now Fashiona has been known over-pluck (in the past) so to prevent any mishaps this time,  she went with Ardell stencils.  There are 4 in the pack, available at most drugstores and the best part is they are super easy to clean and of course  reusable.  Fashiona's shape  "Delicate"...result best brow shape to date.  

Fashiona's Bonus Tip:

Once you chose a brow shape, actually take the time to draw the shape out with eyeliner...on both sides before you pluck.  Just like when you cut your hair...you can always pluck or cut more but you can't glue it back on.

Read her Examiner.com column to discover how she found her perfect shade of RED lipstick.

1 comment:

Brownsugar said...

Thanks for the inspiration to work on my brows!! Im scared to pluck (or rather over pluck), but I love the idea of using a pencil to fill in! Im going to try that...

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