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Sunday, July 26

Thimbler: Jeans made to order

A few years ago, Fashiona was describing her measurements to her friends and she said she was little, little, big. It is her tongue and cheek way of saying she has small bust,waistline and sizeable hips... and that A line skirts, unlike pencil skirts, are her best friend. Thimbler, a company that embraces women's hard to fit curves, makes clothing to exact measurements... in particular jeans. Thimbler invited Fashiona to try them out and she did.
  1. Fashiona first picked out wash and the silhouette that she wanted- Women's Flare Jeans in Stone-washed Blue

  2. Next Thimbler has pictures help describe your shape in the thigh, seat, and tummy areas. Ladies the more honest you are, the better your jeans will fit. So ask your best friend... not your significant other.
  3. Accurate measurements are the next step. Again, a girlfriend's assistance is very helpful here.

  4. Finally complete the sign in process and add any other customized features that you want. Fashiona asked for the waistband to be cut on the bias and Thimbler honored her request.

Almond Joy, kindly took her picture... and yes Fashiona is in the boxing ring and no she does not work as the "ring girl".

Now to be totally honest Fashiona lost a few pounds since she sent her measurements in and the fabric had a bit more stretch than she expected. Her advice take an 1/2" off the waist, seat and thigh measurements.

The male trainers otherwise known as the peanut gallery, already voiced their opinion and umm those comments are not bloggable. Having that said Fashiona wants to know what you think about her customized jeans.

Have your own Thimbler experience at www.thimbler.com



Dori said...

You look good girl! :) And I need a pair of those jeans ;-)

Day said...

Hope the rear did not get smaller. That is a big asset down there. LOL!

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Thanks ladies...and yes Day...I am a third generation big booty girl:)

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