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Thursday, July 30

Fashiona on Michelle's New Do

So Sis sent Fashiona a picture of the First Lady's new "haircut" sometime last week and Fashiona had other stories to finish so she didn't write about it right away. Good thing she was a bit busy because it has been confirmed that Michelle is actually sporting a new hairstyle rather than a new cut.

Verdict~ Fashiona likes it and will continue her "all things Obama" vigil.

Speaking of which... Danbury Mint produced a visually stunning porcelain version of Michelle Obama on Inauguration night. The artisans did a beautiful job immortalizing everything about her that night from her glowing complexion to the now über-designer Jason Wu's dress that he created for her. Snag yours at www.danburymint.com/collectibles.

Photo Credit: Danburymint.com



Dori said...

I love her new hairstyle. It frames her face so well.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I was actually pleasantly surprised that she opted for a style change rather than a haircut. She still has a lot of hairstyle options she can use.

Kelly B said...

I need a permanent live-in hair stylist. I am terrible at doing my hair, especially fun looks...


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