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Saturday, August 1

High Fashion Retooling

When Fashiona was in business school at Florida A &M forever and a day ago, the concept called Just in Time (JIT) was hammered into her brain as a necessary buzzword. Just in Time's basic premise is to have just enough inventory to meet clients' needs with an agreed upon overflow percentage, reducing unnecessary warehouse and storage costs.

Ahhh but the stormy clouds of the lingering recession have the rest of the CFDA, reconsidering embracing Donna Karan's long time practice of "show now and buy now". Currently, the American Fashion "showing" calendar is more than a year ahead, with Spring lines showing in September and Fall lines showing in February. Customers have been conditioned to buy ahead of the season rather in the moment...so to speak. For Jane and John Public, if this much talked about change happens...more often than not you will be able to BUY the most perfect item, appropriately priced... in the correct season.

* Cashmere sweater in WINTER
* Crisp white blouses in SPRING
* Smoking hot 4 inch nude peep toe platform heels - SPRING, SUMMER , FALL or whenever Fashiona can get her hot little spendthrift hands on them.

Photo Credit: www.footcandyshoes.com

Christian Louboutin- Gabin

For the record, Fashiona has the JIT concept down completely... when it comes to grocery shopping, she buys as needed with little excess... but great shoes are meant to be stockpiled!



Anonymous said...

"I am so dope, like Louboutin's with the red bottoms, you gotta have 'em, you glad you got 'em."

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!!


Kelly B said...

That would be nice! I loathe going into a store in early summer and seeing sweaters and fall colors and seeing bathing suits and booty shorts in the midst of a snow storm and temps at -10. Perhaps it's the rebel in me, but I refuse to buy ahead of the season. (Same reason I refuse to enter a store that is currently showing Christmas displays)


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