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Thursday, August 6

Naomi Sims: Black and Beautiful


August 1973 Cosmopolitan Cover

Before there was Naomi Campbell...there was Naomi Sims. The former trailblazing model lost her battle with cancer on August 1, 2009 at age 61. In her short 5 year modeling career, she was on the cover several magazines including Ladies Home Journal and Cosmopolitan. She, like business minded former models B Smith, Beverly Johnson and Tyra, left the grueling yet fickle modeling world at the top of her game.

Ms. Sims is known to many who grew up in the 1980's (Fashiona included) younger set as the "wig lady" because of her wig collection of the same name. Ms. Sims' multi-million dollar company was started like many other successful brands out of necessity. While modeling, Naomi was constantly disappointed with the lack of beauty products for black women.

Before weaves and no-lye relaxers, Naomi Sims' wigs gave women of color "hair options". A firm believer in "Black is Beautiful"....Ms. Sims also knew that all women need a bit of help to look their best.


1 comment:

Dori said...

She was beautiful and truly a trailblazer. I love it that she had business skills too with her wigs. She was smart and that is so beautiful too. May she rest in peace.

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