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Thursday, August 27

Fashiona shops AJWright

Mr. Baller flocks to movie openings, Sis loves trying new spas...Fashiona loves store openings.

Last night Miss Fashiona was given $100 and 3 hours to shop AJWright in Lithonia, GA...a bit more than a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Atlanta but was well worth the trip down I-20. Once there, Fashiona could have blown her $100 on shoes alone because their collection was that great.

But she decided to use the one practical bone she has. Yes she has one...ok maybe two and decided to buy some gifts and some items for her under furnished apartment. 

So what does $100 buy... Fashiona style?:

  1. Queen size sheets...green of course!
  2. A shower curtain liner
  3. A table for her entryway...perfect for setting her keys on
  4. 3 baby gifts.. for a shower she is attending in September
  5. A dress for a lucky little girl
  6. A book that she will gift to someone
  7. Blue strappy stilettos...super cute
  8. Black Platform heels
  9. A Black blouse...Yes Fashiona will be always be a New Yorker with all the necessary black!

Grand total=$98.32 including tax.

Find an AJWright near you.



RecycedFrockery said...

that is a nice store.
have you gone to the alpharetta dsw yet ? it's so nice this time of year for boots, just as they are coming out.

I'll be down in oct, and we must meet there or the one on holcomb bridge road. yes I know a few shoe spots in the atl.

Dori said...

Great finds! :-)

Kelly B said...

the one by me is crap. Though, most stores by me are crap. The area I live in gets small, crappy versions of stores that are great farther East or West. Looks like you got a great haul!


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