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Tuesday, August 4

Fashiona on Traditional Media vs. Internet Media

Both New York Magazine and Womens Wear Daily, had very interesting articles in the past week about the rise of Internet media ie. blogs, online newspapers and social networking sites and how they have changed the publishing industry. Both articles declaring that the days of journalism being "one way communication" are over; being replaced by journalists actively engaging their readers via Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Design houses are also following suit with design maven Donna Karan leading the way.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo/WWD.com

Donna Karan’s Twitter page bills itself as providing “behind-the-scenes scoop from inside DKNY.”

The late Walter Cronkite, arguably one of the most objective news reporters, was before Fashiona's time but she is well aware of his commitment to fair and balanced reporting, may he rest in peace. His legacy is on her mind as she heads to the National Association for Black Journalists conference this week.

Of course fashion editing, like designing, is very subjective and is looked at through the lenses of the creator and the audience. Since Fashiona began her writing career via the Internet rather than the more traditional
print path, she is actually very comfortable encouraging conversation with her pieces. She likes know what her readers are thinking...and they always tell her in their comments.


1 comment:

gilda said...

did you read this article a while go by the horyn about twitter and how blogs and twitter will never take over the industry? lol. i'd love to see her eat her words!

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