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Sunday, August 23

Fashiona on Susan Boyle's new look

Fashiona and fashionistas everywhere are pouring over the September glossies as they flood their mailboxes. She has so far read Instyle and Harper's Bazaar...Vogue is next on her list.

So we all remember Susan Boyle, the sheltered but über talented Scottish lady, as she both wowed the world with her singing ability and inattention to her appearance. Many including Fashiona were wondering how long it would take before Susan was "transformed". Not surprisingly...her new look emerged rather quickly after she was launched on the world's scene. Images were splashed all over the Internet with Susan's new haircut and newly groomed eyebrows.

Now Harper Baazar's September's issue features Daisy Garnett's very thoughtful interview with the shy singer and beautiful photos by Hugh Stewart.

Photo credit: Hugh Stewart

Susan Boyle
Boyle's got style. Michael Kors dress. 212-452-4685. J. Crew necklace, $125. jcrew.com. Wolford tights. 800-WOLFORD. Giuseppe Zanotti Design pumps. 212-650-0455.

Fashiona is most impressed with the fact despite all the hair newness, exquisite clothing choices and flawless make-up, Susan's innocence and impish smile shines through. Kudos to Daisy Garnett, Hugh Stewart and Fashion Editor Jenny Capitain for a job well done.

Now before newcomers think Miss Fashiona has turned all soft and pink....best believe she dishes out snark where snark is due and this time the ladies over at 39th and Broadway beat her to it concerning JCPenny vs. New York Times Fashion Writer.


1 comment:

39th and Broadway said...

Thanks for the link sweetie! Lovin Susan before and after!

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