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Tuesday, August 11

Fashiona on Evening Dress Codes

Saturday night, Fashiona attended the Salute to Excellence Gala for the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) She assumed it was a black tie event and packed a gown but decided to bring a cocktail dress... just in case. At the last minute she wore the long gown.

While NPR's Michele Norris opted for a red full length Rose Taft gown to accept the award for NABJ's Journalist of the Year, Fashiona noted that most women opted for cocktail dresses and men choose suits over tuxedos. Which left Fashiona and Topaz (her partner in solving fashion crimes), wondering, what
exactly is the right dress code for "gala".

This was the best answer Fashiona found from her Google search on Yahoo Answers:

Whenever I get an invitation like this, first, look at the invitation. Does it look very expensive? If you can't figure that out, try calling some people you know that may be going to the gala event.Also, when there is a Gala honoring an famous humanitarian, you would have to expect most people to be dressed quite formally.I would suggest wearing a nice dress-but it should be LONG. It doesn't matter if you buy it at Saks or Macy's, you won't stand out as long as you wear long. Good luck!

Umm yeah...looks like Alicia "aka" Fashiona just found her next Style 101 series for her column as the Urban Style Examiner.


1 comment:

RE Ausetkmt said...

long is sexy.. You looked very pretty. that is definately your color Fashiona.

so what's next, Cocktails or Formals? be sure to address Shoes too please. I saw niecey nash the other day on a blog in a satin dress with a fringed LEATHER Purse.

yes I was taught that satin dresses and leather purses don't really go together.

whats' the real deal on it ?
also will you please address the When to Stop Wearing White Issue before we get too deep into the season. so many questions. ;)

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