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Sunday, July 12

Life after Denim...true story

One of the reasons that Fashiona loves old black and white movies is the 1930s and 1940s fashion. Between the hats, the furs, men wearing suits and the Rolls Royces, Fashiona can lose herself in them every Sunday afternoon. So when she read about the new company Life/After/Denim in Womens Wear Daily, she was intrigued...especially since American culture went from dressing up ALL the time to three degrees of causal with the occasional formal attire thrown in.

Photo by Courtesy Photo

Looks from Life/After/Denim, launching this fall

Co-founders Alexis Fray and Michael Choi, both from fashion industry families have targeting the new LA based line toward young men post college. These military inspired classics offers young men a great middle ground between college gear and conservative suits. Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom are said to have picked up the new line set to launch this fall.

Of course as Fashiona celebrates the mere thought of young men dressing up more, she is eagerly awaiting her "free" custom made designer jeans from Thimbler.


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