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Saturday, July 18

Fashiona on Mobile Shopping

Fashiona is one with her cell phone and is very discombobulated without with it. Unfortunately, she is on her 5th phone in 2 years...no she has not dropped or lost any of them. She is still under warranty until September and then she will upgrade to Blackberry...still undecided as to which one.

According to WWD, companies from Polo Ralph Lauren to Net-a-porter to Victoria Secret to CVS are offering mobile shopping; iphone, Blackberry and other smartphone owners are flocking. Mobile stores, in theory, work in the same way as their original web stores, they are just specifically designed to be more user friendly to the mobile shopper. Fashiona ca
utions that only shoppers with secure access and a high budget venture forth.

Photo By Courtesy Photo

Ralph Lauren was one of the first designers to offer mobile shopping.

Even if Fashiona had a better performing cell phone, she still would not be ready to embrace mobile shopping... Mr. Numbers is rejoicing at this news flash. While she is a bit concerned about the safety of mobile transactions, she is more concerned about the impulsiveness of it all. At least when she is shopping via a web store, she has thought about her budget and purchases and ....the wrath of her overworked accountant the lovely Mr. Numbers.

Fashiona wants to know what her readers think about mobile shopping, please comment away!



Kelly B said...

I've never considered it. I do some online shopping, but I prefer to go to the store and touch things. Only if it's a book or cd or something of that sort OR it's on someone's list do I really like to shop online...free shipping and no tax help!

But via a phone, I'm too nervous about it not being as secure as online....


Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I am glad to know that I am not the only "Nervous Nellie" out there.

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