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Thursday, June 25

Fashiona remembers Michael Jackson

Who over 30 doesn't have a Michael Jackson memory? Fashiona has quite a few. She was in second or third grade when Thriller was released and his record setting, Grammy winning album was the very first record she bought with her own money. It is still at her parents house till this day; Mom is sending it to her shortly.

Photo Credit: Epic Records

Although Fashiona never ever
got a Jheri Curl or donned the red jacket or a rhinestone glove, but she remembers seeing those jackets in pint sized versions everywhere...even in Europe where her family moved shortly after Thriller was released.

Photo Credit: Reuters

Michael Jackson’s signature style still influences performers today. His sequined white glove and fedora hat are just two of the many accessories that made him a fashion icon for the ages.
And yes the Prince vs. Michael battles of the 1980's. Fashiona grew up loving Michael and then Prince and then both. She was in high school when Remember the Time was released. Fashiona and her sis came in her parents' room to watch the world premiere of the video...still one of the best videos of ALL time. Fashiona's fascination with all things Egypt tripled at that very moment.

Smooth Criminal is Fashiona's very close
second favorite MJ video but her absolute favorite fashion wise...and seriously who could forget that famous lean!!

Photo Credit:
Epic Records

Fashiona wants to know what your favorite Michael memory is?

Rest in peace Michael.



Kelly B said...

I too have that album as my first! Still have it. And I have the MJ doll somewhere in my attic.

I honestly could not pick a favorite memory of him. I will say one of the best times was trying to teach my cousins how to moonwalk.

I am still in shock that he is really gone.


Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Ohh the doll!!

I do think he is in a better place. He was a talented but tortured soul robbed of his childhood.

Dori said...

I have so many memories of Michael Jackson that I can't pick one either. My hubby and I were supposed to go see him in concert here in London in July and we were so excited to be finally going to see him. I'm so sad that that will never be. But I'm grateful for all the great music and true genius that he gave to the world. I'll be dancing to his music the rest of my life. RIP Michael.

Dina Yassin said...

Awwwww....too many memories of the legendary Michael Jackson....I loved him sooooo much!! Great tribute Fashiona:)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I have so many of Michael that I could fill a book. I'd have to say though the first time I saw the Jackson Five on TV. I'm only a couple of years older than Michael and when I saw him, they were singing ABC and I remember him dancing around the stage and I fell in love. There will never be another Michael Jackson, ever. I've got a tribute up over at my blog to Michael and Farrah so take a look if you like.

Day said...

Now that it has final sunken in. This unfortunate but maybe true saying comes to mind. "The Great Die Young".

Tamia said...

I have too many MJ memories to recount (I posted a few on my blog), but I clearly remember staring at the back of the Thriller album cover (where he's cuddling the baby tiger) for HOURS at a time, until my mother finally had to gently take it away from me.

So many good memories involve MJ music...I think that's why it's so hard to accept that he's gone.

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