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Friday, June 5

Fashiona interviews photographer Skylar Reeves

Fashiona is still getting acclimated to Atlanta's fashion scene. The lovely Janelle from Urban Suite Entertainment has been sending Fashiona invites to events around the city. So Wednesday night, Fashiona made her way downtown to the Thrive Lounge to see the work of budding photographer Skylar Reeves.

One drink in and only one, Fashiona was sparring with the charming Mr. Dickey, Janelle pulled her aside to interview Ms. Reeves

Fashiona: So thanks for talking with me tonight.

Skylar: Thanks for coming to my event.

Fashiona: What got you interested in photography?

Skylar: I grew up in a boarding school in Maryland and was bored to death. My roommate was into photography and she used to sneak me into the dark room to keep her company. I was hooked easily on photography, but I was kicked out of boarding school shortly after that.

Fashiona: It happens. What happened after you got the photography bug?

Skylar: I went to Brooks Institute and then Portfolio Center here in Atlanta.

Fashiona: How would you describe your approach to photography?

Skylar: I am very visual. I love fashion but not labels. If it appeals to me and I shoot it. I like to infuse satire and humor in my pictures. I don't shy away from controversy.

Photo Credit: Skylar Reeves

Fashiona:Which photographers do you admire?

Skylar: I like Michael Thompson and Annie Leibovitz and photojournalists in general.

Fashiona: What are your future plans?

Skylar: I am looking forward to branching out to California and New York.

Fashiona: I certainly wish you luck. Although I'll warn you from one Southern girl to another who lived in NYC for 10+ years, your Southern charm will be shock to some jaded New Yorkers.

Skylar: I have to be myself (laughing).

Fashiona: I certainly respect that. As we close and you get back to your guests, can you share some words of wisdom to younger photographers?

Skylar: First learn the traditional art of photography. Spend as much time in the darkroom as possible and learn the mechanics of film and then learn digital.

Fashiona: Great advice and thanks again for your time.

To see more of Skylar's work go to her website at skylarreeves.com


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