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Thursday, December 10

Gillette honors Atlanta Men of Style

Monday night Fashiona raced from the testerone factory to another one...this one at the Geisha House where Gillette concluded their 5 city Men of Style tour.  Even Sis came out and made an appearance to the delight of the camera men...Fashiona is still chasing down THOSE pictures.

This little dress is why is she suffering with the worst case of laryngitis...all for a worthy cause.

Gillette honored local barbers and men of style in Chicago, New York , Philadelphia, Washington DC and concluded Monday December 7 in Atlanta.

 Atlanta's Men of Style:

  • Bernard Bronner (Publisher, Upscale Magazine)
  • Mark Hayes (Good Day Atlanta)
  • Frank SKi (V103 Frank & Wanda Morning Show)
  • Doug & Ryan Stewart “the 2 Live Stews” (790 the Zone/ ESPN)
  • Will Packer (Rainforest Films)
  • Ryan Cameron (V103 and Atlanta Hawks announcer)
  • Big Boi (Outkast)
  • Lance Gross (House of Payne)
  • Munson Steed (Publisher of Rolling Out Urban Style Weekly)
  • Sean “The Pen” Garrett (Singer/Producer)
  • Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford (Music Producer).
Congrats gents

The last few times that she has seen Will Packer out on the town, he has been wearing a hat.  Monday night he was rocking a Henschel...very dapper indeed.

Gillette, a leader in mens shaving products, consulted with barbers, clients and dermatologists to tackle leading problem in men's grooming: razor bumps. As a result of this new found knowledge, Gillette created an amazing 5 blade battery operated razor the Gillette Fusion Power MVP, a great gift for the men in your life available at drugstores.

The final day of the tour was actually last night...where Gillette offered complimentary shaves. Fashiona couldn't make it last night but Mr. Daniel Dickey from the Garner Circle did save a gift bag for her.

One lucky gent will get it...only if he agrees to tell Fashiona what they think of Gillette's new products so she can in turn tell all of you.

1 comment:

Day said...

One question-Did you walk out with a tooth ache?

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