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Sunday, December 13

Social Sunday: Why Disney's The Princess and the Frog movie is such a milestone

As Fashiona is typing this post, Disney's The Princess and the Frog is number one at the box office.  Mothers of all races are taking their daughters to see this ancient fairy tale with a modern twist.  The very talented Anika Noni Rose is the voice of the beautifully drawn Tiana...the first black Disney princess.

The media build up for movie has been considerable and now with the  movie release, the critics are weighing in. Some loved it but wonder why it took so long for Disney to feature a black princess.  Yet others think Disney missed an opportunity by pairing Tiana with a non Black prince.  Some out there just don't get why in the age of Obama in the White House, a Disney movie is such a big deal.

Fashiona remembers a Christmas in the early 1980's when she and Sis found their very first Cabbage Patch Kids under the tree. Mom, Col Dad and her adoptive Grandfather went through great lengths find black dolls for them, a major feat in the 80's. At the time, a little Fashiona and even smaller Sis were just happy to have new dolls to play with. As they have gotten older they treasure those dolls even more.

Fashiona says Disney's Tiana IS a big deal and here is why. 

Little girls are cute, talkative, impressionable creatures that soak up EVERYTHING around them...good, bad or the ugly truth.  They become very aware early in life of different skin colors and hair textures and how they look affects how they are treated.  These girls play dress up and play with dolls and they are playacting what they see around them. For years it was only blond Barbies and girls that didn't look like them felt both ugly and left out.

Just as Tiger Woods' fall from grace has had several negative rippling effects, the first Black Disney princess debut has rippling positive effects.  Little Black girls have another vision of beauty and as Time writer Bonnie Rochman pointed out, little girls with curly hair have now found their idol and a reason to treasure their curls.  It took Fashiona until she was 22 to finally stopping straightening her hair and embrace big hair that has a life of its own.

Fashiona has not seen the movie yet BUT  this last Friday she did get to attend  Princess Dreams a Mother/Daughter night at The Glam Bar.  The girls had on their Tiana costumes and tiaras and couldn't wait to get their hair and  nails done just like the "big girls". 

Photo Credit:  Felicia  Atwell http://www.atwellphotography.com/

Tatyana from Cakes by Tatyana made a beautiful cake for the occasion.

Mothers, tired from a long day at work and Christmas preparations braved the cold and crowd to spend this precious time with their daughters.  

Looking at the glee in these girls faces...you can see why it really does matter.

**Event Sponsors included Carol's Daughter, Liquid Soul Media, Red Bull USA, SunkissedMommy.com, Kimberville(c) Barbies of Color Exhibit, Peachytreats.com, Cakes by Tatyana, CocktailCupcakes.net, The Warm and Fuzzy Project-Atlanta .

**Courtesy of The Garner Circle PR**  

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