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Saturday, September 12

Fashion Night Out 2009

New York Fashion Week started this past week with Fashion Night Out with Vogue's Anna Wintour and fashion great Diane von Furstenberg leading the way. Unlike eight years ago on 9/11 when New York Fashion was canceled out of respect; this year the troubled fashion industry made the events of  New York Fashion Week more accessible to John and Jane Public.

Fashionistas worldwide did their part to shop as much as their budget  or husbands/ signifcant others would allow. 

Photo Credit: Tim Jenkins/WWD.com

VV Brown performs at GAP in London

Customers waiting outside Versace store in Milan

Photo Credit: Matti Helig/WWD.com


Fashiona couldn't make it back to New York this year as she started her stylist gig yesterday...so far so good!! She WILL be covering Haute.lanta Fashion week next week...in her mandatory black of course.

Sahling at Galeries Lafayette in Berlin

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Marcia B. said...

niiice, posy pics of your ventures! xx

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