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Monday, February 1

Here is to you Lady Gaga: 52nd Grammys Red Carpet

As elated as Fashiona was with the Golden Globes...she was somewhat disappointed with the 52nd Grammys.   Not the awards portion, mind you,  but the Red Carpet. 

Fashiona's friend Ms. M. said it best:

"Thank goodness for Lady Gaga on the Grammy's red carpet...I was afraid everyone would be dull and safe."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lady Gaga was anything but safe as she walked the Red Carpet in a purple couture Giorgio Armani Prive dress encrusted in Swarovski crystals .  Gaga increased her wow factor with sky high platforms, platinum blonde and techo color yellow hair and  a star in her hand. 

Here is to you Lady Gaga for making the 52nd Grammy Red Carpet worth watching!

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