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Saturday, February 6

Fashiona at the Hawks game

Fashiona has been in hustle mode for the past few months, juggling her jobs and freelance writing and meticulously sticking to her super lean budget. Last night she was all settled in to an evening of writing and TV movies, when the incomparable Mr. Daniel Dickey called  her  tempting her to come out rain and all to watch  the Hawks. Good company, tall sweaty men in shorts....of course she went.

Now Fashiona does not write about sports often, although she is aware of the hightlights in the sportsworld.  Unlike for the NBA draft,  the crowd, including Fashiona wore jeans.  Mr. Dickey had on a relaxed fit while Fashion had a pair of skinny jeans and her favorite boots as of late.

The game was pretty good but the crowd's antics were ever funnier.  The family sitting in front of them had three kids that were tickled pink to be there.  All three had as much fun eating their ice cream with sprinkles and as with trying to catch all the freebies...one caught a T-shirt!

Fashiona thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from  cheering good plays from both teams much to the chagrin of die-hard Hawks fan Mr. Dickey  to being dismayed by the cheesy Hawk cheerleaders' outfits.

Lose the Star Trek boots ladies!!

Oh yes the Hawks won against the Chicago Bulls, no Fashiona doesn't remember what the score was.

Next upon on Fashiona...she is attending The Stewper Bowl, a Superbowl viewing party where partial proceeds will go to the Stewart Education Foundation.

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