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Tuesday, February 16

Naomi Campell leads Fashion in helping Haiti

Generally, Fashion Week is when the latest creations of the famed designers take center stage.  The designers are backstage making sure the magic happens. Friday, it was the designers and celebs themselves who braved the runway for a good cause...help for Haiti.

Naomi Campell, seemingly benefitting  from Anger Management Therapy, the ring leader of such a noble cause, also showed the world that she is still the queen the catwalk.

Photo By Todd Matarazzo

Donna Karan looked lovely...

Photo By Todd Matarazzo

Photo by Patrick McMullan

Right before she infamously went down

Yes Agyness Deyn fell...twice but afterward she removed her gorgerous Burberry heels and proudly marched on, shoes in hand.  

You go girl!!

Fashiona certainly approves and applauds their efforts.  Aid for Haiti was rasied in 3 ways.  The first was through the ticket prices for the show and it was sold out in  three days, raising $100,000.  The second was the American Express  $250,000 donation. And lastly  the clothes that were modeled on the catwalk are for STILL for sale at Net-a-porter.com.

Get to shopping folks...its is fashion and shopping with  a purpose.

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