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Wednesday, September 1

Atlanta celebrates Natural Hair at the Glam Bar Salon

Last night, Fashiona went The Glam Bar Salon to celebrate natural hair in the ATL.  All the big and beautiful natural hair on display reminded her of her Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Brooklyn days and made Fashiona's heart soar to see so many women in Atlanta embracing the look.

All Photos by Paparazzi

Mae from Natural Chica

The ladies at Tress Talk shared great tips for making that tough transition from permed hair to a natural state as well as styling tips for maintaining a lasting look. 
  • Patience: Growing out your hair takes time and there is no substitute for that.
  • Moisturize: Natural curly/wavy/kinky hair tends to be drier than straight hair.  Shampoo with a moisturizing product and deep condition your hair often.  One way to sneak in a much needed treatment is to wash your hair at night and leave a rich condition in your hair overnight.  Rinse it out in the morning and then style.
  • Avoid towels and let your hair dry naturally as much as possible.
  • Embrace flat twists as a transitional styling technique.

Invited guests mingled and indulged in complimentary cocktails and appetizers provided by Seraphin Cognac.

Now Fashiona, natural  since 1999 would have LOVED to have known about flat twists when she was growing her hair out...


Ndygo Sunshyne said...

what do we sleep in while the conditioner sits over night? i'm just imagining all kinds of ruined sheets, etc.
(& why do i feel the plastic answer coming? sigh)

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Hey Ndygo...not plastic but a hair wrap. I use Mimi's Diva Dryer Hair. I bought two to rotate. One for deep conditioning and one for to dry my hair while I am getting dressed in the morning. They are machine washable.

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