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Thursday, August 26

Tipster Thursday: Photographer Blue Franswa shares the virtues of girdles

Fashiona interviewed Haiti born photographer Blue Franswa earlier this month about his upcoming celebrity calendar to raise money for Haiti and the last question she asked him was:

Every girl wants to look GOOD in photos! What are your two top tips for helping ordinary women have better photographic moments?

  1. My best tips for women would be having a great makeup artist who knows how to contour, accentuating facial features and hiding flaws.
  2. Girdles I think most women who are size 8 or bigger should wear girdles...at photo shoots only because the camera adds 10 pounds. The girdle helps to smooth the body out. Beyoncé wears them all the time.

Photo Credit: Studio X

Beyoncé performing Sweet Dreams at the VMAs in 2009

Take it from a photographer and B ladies...cameras don't lie.

Read the rest of the interview with Blue at Examiner.com

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