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Sunday, September 12

Fashiona meets Mocha Moon's Lori L.

Tammie  Reed from Talking with Tami is a bubbly social butterfly who loves to bring varied groups of people together. Finally Fashiona was able to clear her hectic schedule enough to attend one of her gatherings...

Sunday September 12, 2010, Bloggers, PR mavens, journalists and met over brunch at Parker's on Ponce in downtown Decatur. Why...because Tammie invited us and to meet the lovely Lori L and see her  line of cosmetic bags.

Alicia "aka" Fashiona on the far left,  in the center Tammie is in pink holding a pink Lori L. tote, to Tammie's right Mocha Moon's CEO Lori L. wearing her signature brown and posing with a brown Lori L. tote

From left to right: Alicia "aka" Fashiona, Tammie Reed, Lori L. and guest

Lori's bags are fashionable and functional and eco friendly...a modern Blackberry/iphone carrying diva's dream. The tote bag is customizable, while the smaller bag, Perez  seen below is available in Mocha Brown.

Lori is as committed to eco friendly practices as she is to giving back to the community. Through Beauty & Books, Mocha Moon donates products, talents and time to help empower the Atlanta Metro area. She and her staff hand deliver cosmetic Couture bags filled with cosmetics and toiletries to women and teenage girls in battered women and homeless shelters.

These faux-crocodile bags are perfect for all your make-up needs from your vanity to your overnight bag with a mesh bag that meets TSA requirements.

Score yours at Mochamoon.com

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