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Thursday, July 7

Soma collects bras for women in need


Fashiona knows that you aren't wearing the same bras from high school but you very well may be wearing the same size...if so it is truly time to get professional fitted at Soma.  If you are in the Atlanta area...see Sharon @ Cumberland Mall. 

Yes  ladies everything has changed since high school your breasts included.  The ladies at Soma will break out their measuring tapes and years of expertise and get you in the best bras for your shape.  Once you have upgraded your bras...please donate what you can't wear anymore.

Today through August 14, 2011, Soma's everywhere are collecting bras in any state.  If they are wearable they will be passed on to a women in need and if they are in ill-repair, they will be recycled (even the ones with holes  and escaping underwires).