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Monday, March 8

Zoe Salanda at the 2010 Oscars: The dress that almost could

Fashiona and Sis have just collaborated via cell phone on Zoe Salanda's Haute Couture Givenchy purple Oscar dress. The verdict is...they both love, love, love  the top half and the bottom half not so much at all.  The overall effect is half elegant and half Carmen Miranda.

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

So Zoe my dear, in nod of your Dominican heritage you get the "Casi te amo"...I almost love you(it).

1 comment:

Ndygo Sunshyne said...

pretty girl. pretty bad decision.
she looks like a bunch of grapes meets a toilet dolly. remember the 1's w/the knit outfits w/the legs that stuck in the tube & the skirts of her dress covered the roll? maybe that was just my tackhead grandmother.
but, since it was couture, it's excused for going every which way but right. that's what couture does.

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