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Friday, March 12

The Conversation Part 2

Writing (and reading for that matter) is pretty much  a solitary sport. For a chatterbox like Fashiona, her love of writing can leave her feeling a bit isolated, which is why she looks forward to her monthly appearance on BlogTalkRadio. The last two months, the panel has been discussing Hill Harper's The Conversation, exploring the demise of relationships in the African American Community.

Here is part two, part Battle of the Sexes, part Mars vs. Venus equals a great discussion.


Day said...

That's right Fashiona, let your opinions be known. It was very enjoyable listening to the table discussion.

I do agree that the "Art Of Dating" is a lost art for men and women. I also had more fun on dates as a college student then a workingwoman, up-til now. Mr. White also touched on a good point that many young men do not have that positive, older, wiser male guiding him through the complexities on how to treat a woman like a Lady. Last thing, how many of us truly act like respectable 'Ladies'? That shows men to treat us as such.

P.S. I heard that New York slang. Glad to hear that the City has not left you altogether.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Thanks Day, once a New Yorker always a New Yorker!! I do enjoy the panelists especially the men, they keep us on our toes.

We as women have to keep our standards high always despite the pangs of loneliness or moments of weakness. We ladies must remember that we control the "cookie jar" and as you said well we must actually act like the ladies that we are.

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