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Sunday, March 7

Social Sunday: Krimson by Kwame

Mr. Ivy who happens to be the brother of Mr. Air, recently chided  Fashiona about not writing enough about Men's Style...

As fate would have it, the following week,  she was personally invited to "Tie One On with Kwame Jackson and The Queen of Hearts Foundation." Yes...Kwame Jackson from The Apprentice. The event was held on Thursday at Atlanta's Hotel Palomar and since her friend Mr. Midwest was in town, he came along too.

While some Apprentice Alumni are extending their 15 minutes of fame well beyond necessity...Omarosa.  Kwame, known for his sharp brain and equally sharp style, started a tie company called Krimson By Kwame.

These are no ordinary ties...these ties are tip top of the line, constructed with the finest of silk in every color and pattern imaginable.  As Corwyn Thomas, CEO of Krimson, shared with Fashiona that they are planning to offer bow-ties, cuff links, ascots, and shirts...delightful visions of well dressed men in hard bottom shoes danced through her head.  

It happens that Mr. Midwest already owned some Krimson ties and he is in good company with Ne-Yo, NBA's Dwade Wade and Mayor Bloomberg...do tell!

The best part of the event for Fashiona was that 25%  proceeds of the ties sales for the evening went the Haiti Relief Fund and The Queen of Hearts Foundation, a grass roots organization that is battling Women's Heart Disease.  It was a true Fashion with a Purpose event.

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Ndygo Sunshyne said...

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE a good tie. a well made tie, from quality material (silk) is such a huge turn on, especially when paired w/a daring pattern in a man's shirt. but more than anything else...I LOVE to wear men's ties w/a pencil skirt or a pair of Editor's slacks. so sexy!!!
are mr. jackson's ties online?

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