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Monday, March 29

Fashiona declared "Preppy" by ShabbyApple.com

Fashiona is back...between starting her new job last week and  Topaz coming in town for the weekend, her time was otherwise occupied.  But she is back with new things to share.

Over the weekend, Fashiona received a press release from ShabbyApple.com...yes the name caught got her eye too.  It is a cute site that has everything from Style Advice (just send in an e-mail with your question) to tips for best flattering your shape to various clothing collections with names like "Black" to "Maternity" to everything in between.

Fashiona's favorite feature is the What's your style widget?

Now Fashiona took the quiz twice and was told she was PREPPY...really...what do you think?


Ndygo Sunshyne said...

i got "preppy" too. not exactly how i'd describe myself but if preppy is synonymous w/likes nice things & wants big isht outta life, well, preppy it is!!

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I wouldn't exactly describe myself as preppy either but I do think the widget is fun.

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