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Sunday, March 21

Fashiona's First Swapnista Event

As Fashiona gets to know people in Atlanta, she is invited to different places.  This past week, she went to Bam Art Space, 1540 Monroe Dr. NE, Atlanta, a beautiful spot that can cater to special events from weddings to fashion events such as the Swapnista event on Thursday night.

Keren Charles of FashionENVY, Marlissa Crawdford of Nikki Darling and  Co. and Valaira Smith of Vue Entertainment were the hosts of the evening.

Here were the rules:

1) Bring three (3) of your once-loved, new or gently-used fashion items to trade in for items in our fashionSWAP Closet. This includes clothing, shoes and accessories. (Fashiona brought a whole bag but she neglected to put them on hangers...oops next time. That was her black and red dress in the above picture and she hopes the new owner loves it as much as she did).

(2) Clothing should be on hangers. Brand Name, Department Store, Boutique or Mall Brands ONLY! For example: ABS, Aldo, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, BEBE, BCBG, Cache, Coach, Express, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Nine West, INC, Polo, Steve Madden, The Limited, Vera Wang, Zara and more.

(3) Check in your items and pay participation fee: $10 w/RSVP or $15 at the door.

(4) When swap begins, the first 5 ladies will enter fashionSWAP closet and choose 3 items. Then the second 5 and so on. (Fashiona was in the second round and got a slinky black top, maroon skirt and a tuxedo white blouse).

(5) When everyone has a turn, the fashionSWAP room will be open for everyone. Take as much as you can to fill your shopping bag. Items left over will be donated to a local charity. (Fashiona missed the freeforall and hopes the ladies behaved...unlike the divas at a high end sample sale in NYC).
In addition to the swap part of the event...there were clothes and jewelry for sale as well. Fashiona was drafted for a mini makeover by J.MONT...she did a great job but Fashiona was a bit camera shy that evening.
This week's events include:
  • The premiere of Why did I Get Married II
  • The 2nd Annual Chozen Awards
and Topaz coming in town....yay good times!!


Fashion Without Guilt said...

I am glad that you had fun at this event. I plan on have a Fashion Bloggers meetup in Atlanta, if you are interested in attending. I hope to see you at the next event.

Lydia said...

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