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Monday, May 24

No Dirty Gold spotlights National Gold Month

May is indeed a busy month.  It is Mother's Day, the unofficial beginning of Summer and graduation for many high schools and universities.  It is also National Gold Month... true story.

Remember a few years ago when the diamond industry had to clean up their mining process?  The blockbuster movie Blood Diamond released in 2006 brought the illegal mining practices to the world's attention. 

Now the gold industry is under scrutiny with No Dirty Gold leading the way.  According to No Dirty Gold an organization founded in 2004:

"Gold mining is one of the dirtiest industries in the world -- it contaminates drinking water, destroys traditional livelihoods, and displaces indigenous communities."

But if you are a gold lover and want to stay "green"...Fashiona is both...before you buy you can check the list of jewelry retailers to see if they have signed the Golden Rules pledge to participate in responsible mining practices.

With a little research you can bling responsibly...
Photo Credit: Tiffany's

yes Tiffany's  is on the list.

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Dori said...

This is great to know. Thanks!

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