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Sunday, May 9

Social Sunday: Reaching your goals Mother's Day 2010

Fashiona just came back from a long awaited weekend with the family.  She, Col. Dad and Sis came armed with presents, cards and of course themselves...but Mom really gave herself a great Mother's Day gift (besides the super cute strappy heels she bought). She officially became Dr. Mom, earning her PhD in Education.

Mom's passion for education was instilled at an early age and she passed the love of learning to her children and her countless students. She was always goal oriented and feels most pleased when the boxes are checked off...that is where Fashiona gets her drive from.

Very few people accomplish their goals without obstacles or delays.  In Mom's case...Mom put raising Fashiona and Sis above her finishing her PhD.  So it was only fitting that as they got older they helped her with research, editing and clearing up technological glitches. 

Fashiona and Sis learned from Mom first hand that anything worth having requires patience and diligence. 

Something Fashiona reminds herself of as she is building her fashion empire...

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