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Sunday, May 30

Social Sunday: Sex in the City 2 Event A+, Movie C

Last week on Wednesday night...Fashiona squeezed in a size 4 black and white dress...from White House Black Market to attend Atlanta's first showing of Sex in the City 2... 

Photo Credit: Sal Photography

Another Garner Circle event...everything about the screening Carrie on with Moët was high end and sexy...the movie inspired cocktails...the attendees...fashions on display and even the popcorn!
From the Red Carpet

Moët and Chandon introduced "Sex and the City 2" inspired champagne cocktails:
The Fashionista, The Socialite, The Player, and The Bombshell.

Fashiona indulged in  The Fashionista...

Fashiona ran into the ever fashionable Shane again...this time she was wearing these amazing platforms.

Fashiona was busy interviewing  and snapping  pictures so she didn't get actually eat the popcorn.

These gems were encased in glass in the VIP reception room...definitely "champagne shoes"...can't even cross your legs with these on without injury!

Fashiona's favorite gown of the night was Cythnia Bailey's.  She was amazingly styled by Kithe Brewser.

Photo Credit: Rick Diamond/WireImages

And Cynthia's gown was the highlight of  Fashiona's evening because the much anticipated sequel left much to be desired....if you haven't seen the movie...stop reading now... just  kindly revisit  when you have seen it.

Recap  Fashiona's Style:

After Liza Minneli's umm...version of Beyoncé's Single Ladies, the foursome learn via Samantha that they are going on a first class all expenses paid trip to the Middle East.  The plot could have really gone many places with that amazing set up but sadly commercialism and stereotypes filled most of the frames.  The residents of the Middle East were depicted in broad strokes as conservatively Muslim and frankly backward.  All the women were covered except for the stars who made a barely passing attempt of respecting the local modest culture. 

What drew Fashiona to the groundbreaking series on HBO was the deep and honest bond of the four friends, their sophistication and their budget-less wardrobe.  The sequel was true to the unshakable friendship but the fashion in  Sex in the City 2 was so over the top it was disappointing.  Wearing designer heels and couture to ride camels was just ridiculous and frankly insensitive to the plight of people struggling to survive this sluggish economy.  Fashiona expected more relevance from the supposedly sophisticated ladies of New York.

Menopause fighting  Samantha was in Fashiona's opinion the strongest performance in the movie.  The Carrie/Big/Aiden triangle was more like a blip rather than a flushed out story line.   Carrie's whining confession on the phone to Big was very "unCarrie" like but ended with Big giving her an enormous black diamond as punishment...Fashiona would dearly love to be punished in such an ostentatious fashion.

So does Fashiona hope there is a Sex in the City 3...only if the plot is less airy and the cast is more diverse and the fashion while aspirational... fits the sign of the times.

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Dori said...

Great review and you looked marvelous! :)

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