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Monday, June 7

Fashiona remembers Rue McClanahan

Fashiona was sad (Sis was even sadder because she STILL watches the Golden Girls reruns) to hear of the death of Rue McClanahan, best known for her man crazy character Blanche Devereaux. Blanche was the 1980's version of Sex in the City's insatiable Samantha.  Blanche  was sassy, flirting and charming her way in and sometimes out of trouble.  Of course Blanche was a Southern Belle and not as "raw" as Samantha and that slight restraint is what Fashiona really loved.  

Fashiona misses shows like the Golden Girls...beautifully scripted, well cast and actually funny.  The four friends were up in age and they embraced their years.  Sure Blanche was in denial a bit... actually she acted like a sex crazed coed but at least she looked her age.  The cast didn't botox and nip and tuck themselves beyond recognition and into pathetic caricatures of themselves.   You saw their ALL of their expressions...the full range and their emotional portrayal endeared you to them.

The Golden Girls didn't let you forget that they were in in their golden years and were still living.  They had interests, hobbies, disappointments and joys...all aspects of anyone's life regardless of age.

Fashiona thinks that we  can all learn from their resilience and take solace that we still have Betty White....

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