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Thursday, June 10

Tipster Thursday: Be Perfectly Nude with My Skins

Summer is here in Hotlanta and women are keeping cool by wearing white.  But alas with more women wearing white so are  the number of unsightly visible panty lines sightings...

In the past,  women were limited to wearing thongs...going commando or wearing the one color of nude underwear that seems to match no one on earth.

This year...Fashiona should be giving out less Fashion Tickets because My Skins now has 27... yes 27 skin matching colors.

Photo Credits: Myskins.com

My Skins offer these tips for using their color system:
"To color match for the panty we recommend using your upper thigh or hip area. Remember, good natural light is your best source for lighting. Your overall skin tone color should allow for choosing a single color choice for both your bra and panty."

My Skins has a full line of nude bras, panties on-line and includes care instructions on their website.

Although Fashiona wishes that model's  six-pack stomach was on sale too...


Talking with Tami said...

I dont understand what all the hype is all about by wearing thongs. I find them uncomfortable like heck! They also are still visible under clothing and peek out in pants anyway. They are so overrated. lol

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

Hey Tami,

I wear thongs occassionally but they aren't the most comfy, I admit. What I like about My Skins is the range in tones and panty shapes.

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