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Monday, June 28

Fashiona on the 2010 BET Awards

If you follow Fashiona on Twitter (and you should) then you know that she was much more pleased with  the BET awards this year than in 2009...BET really stepped up their game. There were a few glitches like an over zealous smoke machine and  wayyyyyy too long performances by El Debarge but on the flip side the Michael Jackson and the Prince tributes were incredible...

Queen Latifah looked fabulous all night even in her spoofs of herself but Fashiona liked her first dress of the night the best.

Alicia Keys...Fashiona is happy for you and your preggers glowing state but she also thinks it is time to put up the teeny dresses for now.  Now the long white dress was MUCH more appropriate...

Photo Credit: Reuters

Speaking of appropriate...Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith...umm Fashiona and the rest of the world want to know where the rest of your shorts are...you are a Mommy...a very cute and in shape one but still...

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nicki Minaj wins the Lady Gaga meets Pebbles meets Barbie award....

Jazz musician Esperanza Spalding is Fashiona's latest bohemian chick icon...rocking a lovely Afro and a Native American dream catcher necklace.

Photo Credit: AP

Chris Brown's ouststanding tribute to MJ was on the best of the night should have ended the night...

For more on the 2010 BET awards see Alicia's Examiner.com column.

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Talking with Tami said...

I thought some of the outfits were horrible geesh! Jayda looked a mess. I had no favs on the carpet this year.

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