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Tuesday, June 8

Fashiona on the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

The music award shows are always the most  fun for Fashiona to watch for the fashion as well as... the antics. 

In what other type of show would someone admit to being inspired by the Smurfs?  Katy Perry's hair was "smurf blue" but her make-up was flawless and showed a nod to Bridget Bardot's 1960's cat eye.

                    Smurfette  (Top or Left)                              Bridget Bardot(Bottom or Right)

Katy Perry at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards/WireImage

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Scarlett Johanson

Of course the most talked about moment was Scarlett Johanson's smooch with Sandra Bullock

Scarlett did  look stunning in a green lace dress...maybe unlucky in love Sandra just couldn't resist?  Sandra  has been looking great all year despite her turbulent personal life. 

Sunday  night was no exception....wearing a lowcut Oday Chakar dress....Sandra wins Fashiona's Best Revenge Dress of the Year....

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