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Sunday, June 20

Social Sunday: Fashiona's Father's Day Wishes

Fashiona and Sis were very blessed to have grown up with both Mom and Col Dad.  Col Dad was active in the military and traveled  a lot but always made his presence known.  Col Dad loved and still loves to write letters. As busy as he was on his top secret missions...he would write personal letters to Mom, Sis and Fashiona.   Some letters were long and some were just a quick note but he let us know that we were on his mind.  The older Fashiona gets the more special these letters...that still come once a week are.

Fashiona is working all week and couldn't make  it home but Sis is there bonding enough for the both of them...lovingly texting Fashiona the family dinner menu. How sweet!

Col Dad, above all else, values time with his family...but he does appreciate a thoughtful gift.  Col Dad is  a native Mississippian with a big heart that goes out to those in the gulf region affected by the never-ending oil spill.  So this year Fashiona is sending Dad a custom made Kenneth Cole T-shirt.  100% of the profits are going to the Kenneth Cole Foundation Awearness for the oil spill clean up efforts.

Fashiona wishes Happy Father's Day to Col Dad and to all the Fathers everywhere!

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