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Thursday, November 11

Emerlyn and Ester Boutique: Where Class Meets Style

As the cliché says...money can buy you a lot of things but class isn't one of them.  Lucky for the style inclined in Atlanta, Ne-Yo's significant other Monyetta Shaw has class, money and an eye for fashion.

Last Friday, Fashiona was invited to a private media preview (Courtesy of the Garner Circle) of Emerlyn and Ester.

Ms. Shaw told her that Emerlyn and Ester were the name of her grandmothers and they had very differing but equally memorable senses of personal style.  She remembers them as 
being proper Southern Belles, wearing gloves and hats...very much ladies.

The dominant color in the shop is pink...what Ms. Shaw has coined "Jealousy". 

The feeling of true exclusivity is in the air. All under the same roof you can find lingerie from Hoff, jeans from Marc and Allison Jeans and rosaries from champion poker player turned jewelry designer Chris Akin's 13 Crown;  who is also donating a portion of his proceeds  to the Compound Foundation.

As soon as Fashiona walked into the Buckhead  establishment...she felt instantly transported to a couture shop in Milan or Paris.

The store is open by appointment only...how exclusive is that! Call them at 404-848-8494.

All photos: David Barrack

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