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Sunday, July 11

Social Sunday: Lebron's decision

Thursday night I rushed home from the ONE MusicFest press conference to watch what many people were waiting for Lebron's decision for next year's season.  I was not surprised to see that "King James" chose Miami but I was soon appalled by some of his former fans' burning of his jersey.  The pathetic letter that the majority owner Dan Gilbert wrote just had my head spinning.

While I faithfully watch the NBA playoffs, I really don't follow sports often and write about them even less.  I prefer to stay "in my lane" of fashion, style and social commentary.  But both Tiger Woods's tomfoolery and Lebron James' decision fit into my realm of commentary topics.

First of all...I am on Team Lebron.  

 I applaud Lebron's business sense...he has proven to be cool under pressure both on and off the basketball court.  He recognized his worth as a player early on and took the free agent option so he could better control his future in the league.  His decision to go to Miami with two other strong players shows that his main priority is to WIN a championship.

The easiest decision for him would have probably been to remain in his hometown and be the "big fish in a small pond".  Instead he chose to take a pay cut, move across the country and play "real" basketball with other strong players.  Now THAT is a risk...

Lebron  gave Cleveland 7 years....that is a long time and certainly long enough for the Cavs to "build" a team around him....umm which they never did. He improved his already stellar game, he sold out seats and did A LOT of good work around his old stomping grounds of Akron, Ohio. 

I certainly understand the entire state of Ohio would be and should be emotional...Lebron is a force to be reckoned with and he will be missed.  But to even suggest that he is a coward and disoyal is just disgusting.  He is a grown man who had the right to make his own priorities and protect the interest of himself and his family.  The less emotion and the more dignity he shows just increases my respect for him and my disdain for his "former" friends.

Lebron...do you and bring it to the Heat. Thanks for reminding the world that  business is business and has no room for irrational emotions.  You at 25 have learned what takes most people a lifetime to learn...you must be loyal to yourself first. 

We will STILL watch...

Alicia "aka" Fashiona

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