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Friday, July 23

Fashiona's Summer Update

Fashiona has had a busy summer so far and realized that she needs to update her readers and send them a big kiss for STILL coming back even she can't update her blog as much...MWAH!

First Fashiona is still balancing two jobs...one she is at all the time...like until 4 am this morning and the other just occasionally. Two very different stores,  and very different customers...two separate checks...good times.

At the nudging of her mentor finally launched her website and has gotten more freelance writing gigs...yay...as her mentor ahem said she would. One that she can share is her new post as the Atlanta Accessories Examiner.

After a few months of writer's angst, Fashiona restarted on her book.  Rather then plodding through a novel, she has decided to write a collection of essays. She had been toying with the idea for a while because as she told Mr. Travels, her pseudo writing partner, she has A LOT to say. After meeting and interviewing young author Helena Andrews a few weeks ago and discussing the pros and cons with Mr.Travels she finally decided on that  approach... at least for her first book.

and yes she and Music Man are still making music...

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