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Tuesday, July 27

Eat Pray Dress in Sir Alistair Rai

Are you looking forward to Eat Pray Love the movie with Julia Roberts?  Fashiona certainly is...

She and Sis went to Italy a few years ago as a direct result of them both reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book and yes like the author...they ate their way from Rome to Sicily.

Just as Mad Men has influenced fashion, the upcoming release of Eat Pray Love has put Indian designers in the spotlight.  Stars from Julia Roberts to Selita Ebanks wear Sir Alistair Rai  both on and off the set.

So you might not be able to finance a year off trekking to Italy, India and Indonesia but you can spring for some pizza, a yoga mat and some lovely pieces or at least one piece from Sir Alistair Rai by Kiran Rai.

Still from Eat Pray Love with Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts

Moghul Printed Tube Dress -Yellow

The Paradis Chiffon Caftan

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