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Thursday, July 29

Atlanta overbooks....a lot

There is always something going on in Atlanta...unfortunately a lot of the events seem to be scheduled on the same night.  Fashiona's rule of thumb is RSVP to the first event that she is interested in and politely decline the rest... 

Last night  after work she rushed downtown to attend the Toast to Atlanta's Media at the lovely Georgian Terrace Hotel. 

Photo Credit: Jae Walker III

(Left) Tami Reed from Talking with Tami (Right) Alicia "aka" Fashiona

 She had to turn down the Georgia Entertainment Association Soiree held at the same time.

Tonight there was the launch  party for Princess Banton's (The Real Housewives of Atlanta Creator), entertainment company Loft 22,  the Seraphin Cognac event at Plush Boutique GA, Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta Premiere and most likely other well attended events...Fashiona was at work so couldn't attend any of them...

but she still  wonders why with all this social media can't the event planners  spread out some of these events a bit more...anyone?

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