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Wednesday, July 14

Fashiona meets Helena Andrews

Tuesday night Fashiona was all over Atlanta...her first stop was Castleberry's newest store: La Bella Vie (French for The Good Life). It was actually her second time at the boutique, she was there for the grand opening on Saturday July 10, 2010.

Fashiona went back to La Bella Vie on Tuesday night for Atlanta's "Rock Star Book Tour." The featured author was the super chic Helena Andrews and her book Bitch is the New Black.
Photo Credit: Sal Photography

Helena Andrews is wearing a Nicole Miller dress.

Fashiona had a lovely chat with the colorful Ms. Andrews who was in no ways bitchy during their lengthy conversation.  Ms. Andrews told her that she was raised in Los Angeles and Catalina Island by her lesbian mother and survived a kidnapping by her grandmother while she and her mom were in route to Spain. This experience and  several humor infused life altering events are chronicled in her collection of personal essays.

Photo Credit: Alicia "aka" Fashiona

Fashiona's highlights of the evening...sipping the Bitchy Bubbly and posing...

That is Miss "B" to you...

*Courtesy of the Garner Circle*

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