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Friday, October 2

Barbara Campbell: a NY Jewelry Designer with global appeal

If you have been reading Fashiona for a while then you know she loves jewelry, real and of the costume variety.  She got her nose pierced a few months before her 30th birthday partly for spiritual reasons and partly because she wanted a piece of jewelry on her person  at all times.  For Fashiona wearing jewelry... is as natural as wearing lip gloss is for some women. 

For  Barbara Campbell of Barbara Campbell Accessories the love of elegance is in her blood.  Fashiona was able to meet the Cuban-American designer via  a series of e-mail chats. 

Alicia “aka” Fashiona:
I see you are of Cuban descent and raised in Washington Heights.  How does your heritage influence your designs?

Barbara: My Cuban heritage and my Washington Heights upbringing has been a blessing. My mother, Fina, was born in Cuba and her twin sister, Neri, still lives there. My mother's fashion sense was passed on to me. She always emphasized elegance and simplicity, yet with the passion and sensuality  that comes from growing up on a Caribbean island. Her sense of rhythm also has influenced creativity,  as a seamstress, a hair designer and now as a jewelry designer. I think you feel the heat, and see the elegance in my designs.

Alicia “aka” Fashiona:  Si muy caliente!! How do you name each collection?

Barbara: I name pieces after family and friends, objects of desire, and the environment. Usually as a piece takes form, the inspiring object gives me the name.

From the Renaissance Collection

From the La Vida Collection


From the Renaissance Collection


Alicia “aka” Fashiona:  Companies that have established a good customer service record seem to doing better in these tough times.  Your website disclaimer says that you will repair any items that get broken  through “normal wear and tear.”  That commitment can be seen as great customer service… or a risky move.  What was your decision process and what you say to the naysayers?

Barbara:     As a consumer, I always appreciate good customer service, and a feeling that I am being treated as if I was a very special and unique individual. In my business, I try to convey to each customer their uniqueness  and that my designs are especially made with them in mind. I also want the customer to know that not only have I solely made the piece from beginning to end, but that I will be with them for the life of the jewelry. These pieces are like my children and I want to see them grow, graduate and have a life their own. I take great pride in the quality of my designs and the materials they are made from. I always stand by my pieces and the customer. I want the customer to know that, and I want them to come back whether it is just to chat, look at new designs, or purchase another piece. So far that strategy has paid off in satisfied customers, and a very good "word-of-mouth" reputation.

Alicia “aka” Fashiona: Your line is at several  boutiques.  Any plans to approach department stores?

Barbara: Right now I am in boutiques in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Hamptons. I like the fact that I have a one on one relationship with the owners and the salespeople, which is difficult in a department store. Also my pieces are one-of-a-kind, so a boutique is a much more appropriate setting.

Alicia “aka” Fashiona:  What is next for your company?

Barbara: I am currently designing a new collection with Rock Musicians in mind. I am also working on a new catalog for 2010. I hope to increase my presence in the Hamptons. I have just entered into an arrangement with Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton that I am very excited about.

Alicia “aka” Fashiona:  Sounds like you are making big moves and I wish you all the success in the world.  Thanks so much for chatting with me.

Barbara Campbell  Accessories is available on-line at www.barbaracampbellnyc.com and several boutiques in the New York area.  Click here for a complete listing of stores that carry Barbara Campbell Accessories.

Malia Mills NY  220 Columbus Ave. 70th St.  NYC  (212) 874.7200

Malia Mills  1031 Lexington Ave. 74th St. NYC  (212) 517.7485

Mongo  246 Smith St.  Brooklyn   (917) 671.7696

Therapy  77 Jobs Lane.  Southampton (631) 259.2555

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