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Thursday, October 1

Breast Cancer Awareness: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Elizabeth and James cares

The social move from people diagnosed with breast cancer  feeling shunned to women being celebrated for surviving the disease has not come fast enough.  October is  Breast Cancer Awareness Month; fashionistas and frugalistas alike can combine their love of spending money and acquiring new baubles for a good cause.  

Every Thursday this month,  Fashiona will highlight companies that are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness through corporate donations.

Boho Chic twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen collaborated to create Elizabeth and James in 2007. This cute rose-gold-plated feather pendant on a sterling silver chain was designed by Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James, and sold exclusively at Shopbop

 Photo Credit: www.shopbop.com

Shopbop will donate $15,000 to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength®, an organization dedicated to ensuring no one faces breast cancer alone. Consider this necklace a symbol of our support.


Dori said...

Thanks so much for spotlighting this and have a wonderful weekend :)

RE Ausetkmt said...

hey how do we claim our spot on that sidebar sweets ? this was so sweet, especially in light of this being our most special month of the year for women globally. thanks for the love Alicia. today we talk about the Grab and Fondle Mode - we say "DO IT Daily", to keep ya game UP.

holla back My Girl, cause we know you got the style tip covered,

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