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Saturday, October 31

Fashiona on Ivanka Trump's Wedding

So Fashiona's Pocahontas outfit has to wait until next year...after two hectic days at the boutique  and a sketchy lunch Fashiona had to crash her Sis's and recover.

Earlier this week when Fashiona heard that Ivanka got  married...she was skeptical.  After all  half the martial news about celebrities is just rumor...like Nicole Richie's supposed nuptials!!  

But turns out Ivanka's wedding was for real and really very classy.

Photo Credit: Brian Marcus/Fred Marcus Photography

 Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Fashiona has always liked Ivanka for her work ethic and elegance.  True,  she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth but she has certainly gone platinum. Not content to bank on her famous name, good looks or  inheritance; she graduated from Wharton School of Business.  Yes she is a newly minted VP in  her dad's (the Donald) enterprise ,but she also has a self titled  super fab jewelry collection: 

Inspired by fashion icon Grace Kelly's  1956 wedding dress, Ivanka and Vera Wang,  created  THE perfect couture wedding. The hand made lace gown with sleeves is sure set to a good trend among the near future brides.

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