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Sunday, October 18

Why Fashiona loves Valentino!

Somewhere between the old guard's "Real Fashion is Couture and only for ladies who lunch" and the reality TV era of "EVERYONE  can be a designer"...lies the middle ground of very talented and well trained designers. Fashiona has always loved Valentino  for his innovative designs alone but..she has a new found respect for him.

Photo Credit: NewYorkMag.com

 Look from Valentino's Ready to Wear Spring 2010 Line.

Since 1960, Valentino Garavani (known simply as Valentino) has been known for  his   luxurious gowns with sumptuous  detailing.  From then until now,  A-listers, royalty and other lucky women who can afford his label, clamor to be seen in his line. Who could forget the vintage Valentino dress that Julia Roberts wore for her Oscar acceptance!

Photo Credit: GETTY

Julia Roberts at the 2001 Oscars wearing the Valentino dress 

 Since Valentino announced his retirement in 2007, he has mellowed  a bit and weighed in on the state of fashion. 

In last week's WWD article by Jacob Bernstein,  Valentino was quoted as saying:

We are not only people having fun or partying, traveling in private jets and kissing celebrities. We are hard workers, responsible for thousands of people's jobs.

Well said sir...Fashion is a business like any other business....the players  just dress better.

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